Property Management



Preventative and commissioning maintenance go hand-in-hand to ensure a commercial building is operating efficiently.



Ensuring a system is working according to its initial design intent
Servicing existing Mechanical equipment to ensure that it is working at full capacity
Making sure that it is not consuming excessive amounts of energy
Training operational staff on building systems functionality
Providing documentation outlining the proper sequence of operating parameters
Maintaining a safe and comfortable climate for the occupants
Reducing the complaints related to temperature, noise or airflow.


Once the initial building has been commissioned, Spectrum Mechanical offers preventative maintenance contracts to ensure all equipment continues to operate in the most cost effective manner. With organizational skills, technical knowledge and relevant experience, ongoing service and maintenance are guaranteed and will take the burden off of the Property Management Company.

Reducing our carbon footprint is very important to our next generation. We always provide energy efficient equipment to reduce the overall energy consumption.